Nothing Pleases; I Like The Country Teasers

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"You can't just say 'racism is bad!' As a satirist with an anti-racist political message, it's too lame; no one wants to be told to stop smoking at age thirteen" - Ben Wallers (Country Teasers, The Rebel)

"How do you justify this piece of shit band!?" - Audience member at Country Teasers live show, Seattle, early 2000's.

'Nothing Pleases; I Like Country Teasers' is the third and final contribution to a trilogy of print essays by Sydney music writer Max Easton (TEMPERED, Mess + Noise, Crawlspace). Following on from 'Life Makes Me Nervous; I Like the Butthole Surfers' and 'Barely Human; I Like Randy Newman,' it charters the career of Glaswegian 'evil country band,' the Country Teasers: the mouth-piece of song-writer Ben Wallers (The Rebel). From 1993 to now, Easton charters the fourteen year recorded history of the band that saw them celebrated as vile satirists, musical subverts (with the impossible mission statement of merging aspects of country and hip-hop with garage rock recording sensibilities) and ultimately left them with little more than cult fandom to show for it. With Wallers walking defiantly into discussing matters of race and misogyny through the medium of vicious (and problematic) satire, 'Nothing Pleases' battles with the question that befalls any of the subverts - was it worth it?

'Nothing Pleases' is published through Melbourne imprint MoodWar. Foreword by AJ Omen.

Another MoodWar Artefact
148 x 210mm
Black & White
@ Max Easton